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Self Service Kiosk

Our self-Service Solution combines a self-service kiosk, queue management, printing and payment systems customized to suit your business operations.

Our self-service solution provides you with endless possibilities and gives a new paradigm to your ordering operations, offering you all kinds of unmatched flexibility.

The system can be programmed to upsell/cross-sell your products/services thereby increasing your revenue

Best for restaurants, medical centres, hotels, airport, schools

People hate queuing, as it basically is a waste of time, but they are forced to stand in lines in various organizations quite often because of the necessity to perform certain activities. For this reason, self-service solutions have been introduced as great time-savers.

Being highly customizable, self-service kiosks can act as remote representatives of companies in various sectors, replacing a range of services that are traditionally carried out manually.

The self-service kiosk meaning will be different for everyone, depending on your specific planned application, it can be tailored to suit any industry.

They could be wall-mounted or free-standing.

Self Service Kiosk

Queue Management

In a typical healthcare service, for example, waiting is a necessary part of the process. If you can reduce the waiting time or reduce the stress associated with it, your customer experience rating will improve and what otherwise is a sore point becomes a welcome part of the healthcare service delivery process.

Our Queue Management Solution helps in optimising queues and engender a positive customer experience. The system enables efficient and professional management of queues and attendance.  This can be tailored to suit any industry.

Benefits of Queue Management

  • Increase average order
  • Improve order accuracy
  • Decrease wait times
  • Reduce burden on staff
  • Customer insight
  • Increased revenue
  • Simplified access to information etc

Uses of Queue Management

  • They could be used as POS, vending machine, ticketing machines, check-in/out, wayfinders, information board, etc and so can be tailored to fit in any industry.

Focus Sectors

  • Healthcare
  • Aviation
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Financial
  • Telecom