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Hospitality Solution

Communicate information to your guests and visitors and increase their loyalty with digital lobby signs, concierge board, way-finder and digital room signs.

Xanda Technologies Hospitality Digital Signage (HDS) Solution is specially designed for hotels, convention centres, casinos, theatres, resorts, clubs etc.

Use Xandadeck screen player to share guest-centric information, spotlight promotions, feature daily events and more.

Position your business for an increase in revenue and consistent growth with Xanda Technologies HDS Solution.

Welcome event’s guests while displaying essential event’s notifications. From showcasing key property’s amenities to showing off awards and customer testimonials, you can use our Digital Lobby Signs to provide your guests with on-demand announcements.

Xanda Technologies Concierge Board is the perfect digital signage solution for engaging and updating guests on events at your property.

Through the convenience of in-room TVs, you can create a digital network to communicate with your guests in a structured and efficient manner. You can customize the messages to each guest with Xanda screen player thereby increasing your guest experience rating.

Benefits of Hospitality Solution

Xanda HDS enables access to timely and relevant information that enhances the overall guest experience.

It drives engagement, helping guests feel more connected with the hotel while reinforcing key aspects of the brand.

Inform guests about offerings and amenities thereby increasing revenue per guest