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Influence your customers’ choices and make them spend more by adding   digital signage creativity to your menu.

Interactive kiosk

Our touch-based technology allows your customers to browse, get relevant information and even place order, pay and complete the transaction. This solution reduces the strain on your staff and help your guests quickly and easily get their food.

Digital Menu Board

Did you know that 74% of customers say that an easy to read menu is their top priority? With our variety of content apps and menu templates, you can entice and entertain customers with live news, food facts, food channels, appetizing photos of different food options and even showcase what your customers have to say about your restaurants.

Central Menu and content management

With our screen player, you can update prices, specials, nutritional information and new items with just a few clicks of a mouse. Create and deploy new content in just a few minutes without any IT support. Cloud based configuration and management enables content to be distributed to as many sites as desired.

Queuing System

This is a unique call-forward electronic queuing system that frees and relaxes customers from waiting in line. It manages and minimizes queues to improve efficiency and customer experience.

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