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When the right screen is paired with the right content and displayed to the right audience, the shopper experience complements sales growth.  In fact, a well-designed storefront digital display speaks more than a good employee.  In a FedEx study, 76% of consumers were drawn to enter a store because of its sign. 68% were inclined to purchase products or services because a sign caught their eye. 68% of customers also believe that a store’s sign is a reliability indicator of the company’s products and services.

Draw-in Window Shoppers

Our retail digital signage solution helps you create eye-catching window displays that show off current promotions.

Shelf LCD Display

Stimulate the buying desire of your customer with the shelf lcd digital displays.

Well-designed digital content can get customers’ attention and improve conversion rate.  You can as well display information and prices for multiple products on one stretched screen gracefully, and further engage your customers as they move around the aisle.

In-Store Digital Signage

Our in-store digital signage solution for retail stores is a new point of sale tool that helps you adapt more quickly to the purchasing behavior-shifts of your customers. The screens may be interactive, allowing your shoppers to interact with your products or may be non-interactive, allowing you to provide point of sale advertising messages.

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