Reinforce the in-branch experience through marketing technology and digital signage

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Digital displays has been proven to capture customers’ attention and increase their information recall, branding and services promoted. It has also shown to consistently increase the customer’s likelihood to recommend what they’ve seen to friends and family up to 86% when they are exposed to digital signage in the branch.

Digital Lobby Signage

Grab the attention of your customers and impress your branch visitors by replacing bulletin boards and static welcome signs with digital lobby signage.

Rate Boards

Design sleek, easy-to-update digital rate boards that can help you to inform current clients and attract new ones

Market Wall

Display event information including service times and dates, fundraisers, and community events while communicating and connecting socially with all church members. You can also display details about upcoming fundraisers, book sales or volunteer opportunities to increase attendance and community participation.

Video Wall

Use video wall technology to create elevated, high-tech and interactive visual experiences for your patrons, entertaining as well as educating them.

Interactive Kiosks

Whether you want to display interactive offers to your members, collect user data autonomously, or even guide your branch visitors to where they need to go, our kiosk systems are the solution for you. Our kiosks give customers the opportunity to interact directly with your brand. From displaying promotions to offering upsells, the opportunities kiosks provide are virtually endless.

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