LED iPoster

The LED iPoster is the digital form of the your traditional rollup banner, exactly same length and breadth. Break through the rollup banner clutter and engage your audience with the iPoster. Every aspect of the use and performance of the iPoster has been carefully considered along with the aesthetics and operational goals of our discerning customers.  Suitable for hanging, wall-mounted, base-standing, bracket standing and creative installation.


  • High resolution LED screen.
  • High brightness and vivid color.
  • Compact design and sleek look.
  • Long life span and energy saving.
  • All-in-one digital signage.

LED iPoster Rental

Create an unforgettable experience at your next event by making it compelling and engaging for those in attendance. Go beyond just hanging static banners, take advantage of our display rental to enhance your event. Available for your use at affordable rates per day.

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